Solarion is Indonesia’s premier solar energy company, dedicated to delivering high-quality solar installations that effectively lower electricity expenses for household, businesses, and communities by harnessing clean, renewable energy sources. As proud Indonesians, we leverage our international experience while integrating local expertise to conceptualize, implement, fund, and operate solar systems for residences, commercial enterprises, and large-scale ground-mounted projects, catering to utilities and remote communities.

Our meticulous attention to detail and adaptable approach have earned us a reputation for outstanding design, top-tier workmanship, and inventive solution. The Solarion team shares a common vision of expediting the transition towards renewable energy in Indonesia, thereby providing substantial environmental benefits and positively impacting individuals, businesses, and local communities. We achieve this by offering innovative financing options that make solar energy accessible to all, enabling customers to adopt solar systems without any upfront costs. This not only reduces electricity expenses but also contributes to reducing one’s carbon footprint.

It may be a small step, but together, we can make a significant impact.

Furthermore, Solarion has a subsidiary company, PT Ananta Surya Kencana (ASK), which offers comprehensive Financing & O&M (Operating and Maintenance) services for your solar project, ensuring its optimal performance throughout its operational lifetime.

The Portofolio

There are a lot of variables to consider in establishing any solar project – site selection, lease terms, electricity connection, permits, and economic analysis.

We set the benchmark in sustainable developments and actively engage with landowners, goverment, and stakeholders to maximize the benefits to the local community while delivering high-quality projects with strong financial returns.

Solarion has an impressive record in succesfully developing solar projects in Australia and Southeast Asia in a range of sizes – from rooftop residential and commercial system to utility-scale ground-mounted solar power systems.


PT Polytama Propindo
1.080 kWp

610,16 kWp

Ibu Kota Nusantara (IKN)
13.540 kWp

Mandara Bali Toll Road
400 kWp

Waterbom Bali
156 kWp

Muara Nusa Dua
100 kWp

PT Grahamas Inti Tirta
415,8 kWp

PT Tirtamas Perkasa
409,2 kWp

PT Charoen Pokphand
92,40 kWp

Mall Ball Galeria
1.500 kWp

SA U1 Solar Farm
5.889 kWp

PT Nidya Karya Tbk
57 kWp

Slide 2

Alfamidi Suvarna Sutera
74,25 kWp

Grha Sanqua
30,3 kWp

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Environmental Compliance And Safety

Solarion is determined to achieve 1.000.000 person-hours worked without lost time or recordable injury and environmental pollution. This happens when the team is 100% committed to our behaviour-based safety process.

Our quality and HSE Management System provides a structured approach to managing the risks inherent in our activities. Accountability for providing a safe and healthy working environment through active process safety leadership, sound procedures and guidelines, effective training programmes and good communications are cascaded through all levels of management and staff.

Solarion is committed to the effective management of our business and, with the support of all personnel, to meeting or exceeding our HSE and Quality objectives while striving continually to improve our performance.

Solarion demonstrates its commitment by making policies namely the Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Policy, signed by the Director of Solarion.

In managing all the activities, Solarion aims to have HSE and Quality performance we can be proud of, earn the confidence of customers, stakeholders and society, be a good neighbour, and contribute to sustainable development.


Commercial, Industry, & Utility Scale Solar

We know that acquiring a solar system for your property can be a big decision. That’s why we take the time to step you through the process. There’s no pressure – just a consultative and informative approach with our experts so that you fully understand the costs and benefits.

Adding a solar system is one of the best investments you will ever make. With industry-leading warranties, expert installers, and customized solutions, Solarion will help you to cut your electricity costs and protect the environment.

Solarion worked closely with you to design a rooftop solar system to maximize savings. The solar systems has now dramatically reduced the electricity costs for the homeowner giving them energy independence and a lower carbon footprint.

Battery Energy Storage System

Battery storage is a real game changer. It gives you added flexibility and reliability, helping you to maximize the value of your solar investment. During the day, you continue to use solar power directly, while any excess energy is stored to supplement your night-time power use.

The bottom-line is that a battery means that you can reduce your electricity costs even further and it gives you freedom knowing that can minimize the impacts of blackouts or other changes in the external power supply.

With electricity prices increasing each year, adding battery storage to your solar system can lower your electricity bills even further and give you greater independence from the grid.


As a turnkey EPC contractor, Solarion has the experience and know-how to deliver high-quality rooftop, ground-mounted and floating solar projects from start to finish.

Covering the complete range of EPC services – design, procurement, construction, and project management – Solarion offers innovative solutions to deliver complex solar projects no matter their size or location.

Our approach is consultative, we will take the time to understand your objectives to make sure your solar project is fully best suited to your needs. Backed by proven local and international experience, your solar project is in safe hands with Solarion.


Solarion offers comprehensive and independent operation and maintenance services for rooftop and small utility-scale solar projects.

Our total in-house support covers:

  • Day-to-day operation 
  • Routine inspections
  • System monitoring and control
  • Unplanned and planned maintenance
  • Fault finding and rectification
  • Independent audits and reports
  • Developing operations and maintenance manuals
  • Delivering operator training

Solarion uses sophisticated artificial intelligence software to manage O&M and provide real-time remote monitoring services including regular performance reports and alerts for maintenance issues, repair needs or system outages.


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